20 Gorgeous Library

Take a look at these 20 gorgeous library designs that reveal the true marvels of modern architectural design.

1. Vienna, Austria, National Library

Vienna Austria National Library

2. Admont, Austria, monastic library

Admont Austria monastic library

3. Wiblingen, Monastery Library

Wiblingen Monastery Library

4. Amberg, library

Amberg library

5. Weimar, Duchess Anna Amalia Library

Weimar Duchess Anna Amalia Library

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

7. Kremsmünster, Austria, monastic library

8. St. Florian, Austria, monastic library

St Florian Austria monastic library

9. Dresden, Saxony

Dresden Saxony

10. Malmo, Sweden, City Library

Malmo Sweden City Library

11. St. Pölten, Austria

12. Graz, Austria, University Library

Graz Austria University Library

13. Constance, university library

Constance university library

14. Leipzig University Library

Leipzig University Library

15. Vilnius, Lithuania, University Library

Vilnius Lithuania University Library

16. Prague, Czech Republic, Library of Strahov Monastery

Prague Czech Republic Library of Strahov Monastery

17. Melk, Austria, monastic library

Melk Austria monastic library

18. Wroclaw, Poland, University Library

Wroclaw Poland University Library

19. Tepl, Czech Republic, monastery library

Tepl Czech Republic monastery library

20. Hall, University and State Library

Hall University and State Library

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