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New Arrivals

Title Author
The media of mass communication John Vivian
Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective Linda L. Lindsey
Letters from a forest school Chittarajan Das
Contemporary theatre of India Chaman Ahuja
Contemporary Art in India Pran Nath Mago
Compendium on Scholarships, Fellowship, Freeships and Educational Loans for study in India and Abroad Educational Consultants India Ltd, Compiler
Art: The Basis of Education Devi Prasad
Models of Teaching Bruce Joyce
Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education Robert M. Thorndike
The Boss Prakash Biyani
Gender Inequality in India Mamta Mehrotra
Dictionary of Quotations Sachin Sinhal, compiler
Swami Vivekanand Quiz Book Virender Yagnik
Famous Science Nobel Laureates Harish Chandra Gupta
Fundamental of English Grammar N. C. Sinha
Correct English Usages Prashant Gupta
School Debate Book R. Shankar
Dictionary of Proverbs Najmussehar
Nr.Narayana Murthy a biography Ritu Singh
Innovative Science Teaching Radha Mohan
Basic Managerial Skill for All E.H. McGrath, S.J.
Theories of Learning Matthew H. Olson
Human Resource Management Biswajeet Pattanayak
Introduction to Counselling and Guidance Robert L. Gibson
Understanding and Managing Diversity Carol P. Harvey
Educating Exceptional Children S.K. Mangal
Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management Wayne F. Cascio
Labour and Industrial Laws P.K. Padhi
Fundamental of Special Education Margaret G. Werts
Developing Management Skill David A. Whetten
Child Development Laura E. Berk